Tuesday, August 4, 2009

About Us

A Chicago-based group dedicated to ultrarunning and ultramarathons

ul·tra·mar·a·thon (noun) = any sporting event involving running longer than the traditional marathon length of 42.195 kilometres (26.2188 mi), also known as 'ultra' distance. The most common distances are 50 and 100 miles, or 50 and 100 kilometers. Many ultramarathons, especially trail challenges, are characterized by severe course obstacles, such as inclement weather, elevation change, or rugged terrain. Many of these races are run on dirt roads or mountain paths, though some are run on paved roads as well.

If this sounds like your idea of weekend fun, then you're in the right place. We are a casual running group who share an interest in ultramarathons, trail-running, and endurance events. Join our member forum to plan and/or coordinate weekend runs, meet for post-run breakfast and other social events, talk races and recruit race support, post pictures and videos, and so on. Click the link below to be redirected to our forum.

Who are the members?
Our group has veteran ultrarunners and 150 mile finishers, aspiring marathoners, and everyone in between. We welcome anyone with an interest in ultras, those who have discovered the magic of trail running, and any runner looking for a fun, friendly, and informal running group.

Do you race together?
Not like you may be thinking. Many of us have signed up for the same races, but ultrarunning is largely an individual sport. Our mission is simply to improve the support network, camaraderie, and unity amongst local ultrarunners to carry over into training and events. Ultrarunners typically don't race as a team, but this group does hold training runs, organize pre-race pasta dinners, act as crew and pacers for one another at races, and offer motivation and support to its members.

What are the dues?
Currently, zilch. We do reserve the right to initiate dues should the need arise, however. In the meantime, spend that money on entry fees or cool new gear!

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